A Little Bit About Me..

I graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana with my Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Metals (Jewelry Fabrication and Design). Since then I've worked at various jewelry stores and manufacturers fine tuning my skills, and learning all facets of the Jewelry industry. I've been making custom jewelry and creating my own Aryn Taylor lines since I graduated college in 2009. It's been an exciting journey seeing how my aesthetic has changed/developed throughout the years. My favorite part about being a custom jeweler is being able to make something for someone that holds so much sentimental value, a tangible memory. I've had the honor of making some of my closest friend’s and family’s engagement rings and wedding bands. It has brought such joy to my heart.

I've been lucky enough to have two really wonderful mentors on my way to where I am now. in 2017 year I had the opportunity to start teaching setting classes, and I also offer private setting lessons. It's been a really awesome experience. Not only as a way to "pay it forward" (as both my mentors asked I do to show my gratitude for all their guidance), but as a way to connect with the local jewelry community while also helping fellow jewelers advance their skills and their work. After all, we've all embarked on this journey because we love making jewelry - why not share all the knowledge we have and connect with other people who have chosen this unique career path!